Institutions around the world have ended the sale and distribution of bottled water.

Canadian universities and colleges

University of Winnipeg
Memorial University, St John’s
– Brandon University, Manitoba
– University of Ottawa
– Queen’s University (being phased out as contracts are renegotiated)
– Fleming College, Frost Campus
– Ryerson University, Toronto
– Dawson College, Westmount Quebec

Canadian Municipalities

Over 75 municipalities and counting! Including:

– City of Toronto Council
– Nelson City Council, B.C.
– Guelph City Council, ON
– London City Council, ON
– St. John’s City Council

– Waterloo School Board
– University of Winnipeg
– United Church of Canada

National Governments including…

– Denmark
– U.K. Government Agencies
– Green Party, U.K.

In the United States…

– New York City Council
– Washington University
– San Francisco City Council
– Saint Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital
– Orland City Council
– Los Angeles City Council
– Seattle City Council
– U.S. Conference of Mayors

More not listed. The full list can be found here: