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Ever wonder…

If the City of Toronto conducts regular water quality analysis and meets Ontario Drinking Water Standards of quality and safety, why do we have to worry about lead in drinking water on the University of Toronto campus?

What is the University currently doing to test for lead in drinking water?

Why is the university only conducting lead tests? Should we be concerned about any other potential contaminants in University of Toronto drinking water?
Water on Campus

After a three year collaborative campaign led by the student group the Public Water Initiative (PWI), in 2011 UofT became bottled-water free. To complement the ban on bottled water and promote the consumption of publicly available tap water, new water fountains and bottle filling stations have been installed in several campus locations. Recently, the University has taken some steps to improve their testing for lead in drinking water.

Although these are steps in the right direction, more work needs to be done in order to improve access to safe, accessible, drinking water on campus.

On Thursday, March 21 at 5:30-7:00pm in the Medical Sciences building (Rm. 3163) the PWI will host an information session to:

·         share some of our findings about water on campus;
·         talk about water testing on campus;
·         hear your thoughts on access to water; and
·         talk about future action.

Join us as we celebrate World Water Day by talking about water on our campus. We look forward to seeing you there- feel free to drop by anytime!

Got a question? See these Frequently Asked Questions. The information session is the perfect opportunity to discuss these and other questions!













Check out more coverage of “Water: In Conversation with Maude Barlow”, in NOW magazine!

“In the fight for universal access to water, it turns out, there are warriors and there are hunters. ”

March 10 marks Bottled Water Free Day across Canada and the world! To commemorate this day the University of Toronto Food Services is pulling bottled water OFF THE SHELVES on March 10th! Bottled water will not be sold in cafés, cafeterias, vending machines and other retailers on major campus locations on Bottled Water Free Day. Across the world, communities are joining together to say no to bottled water and reclaim public water!

Here is how you can help:

* Pledge to go bottled water free on March 10:

* Sign the petition for a bottled water free UofT:

* Volunteer to Spread the word:
To help make this event a success, Food Services (UeaT) is looking for volunteers to spread the word about switching to tap water, and surveying student opinion on March 10.

In one to three hour shifts, student volunteers will:
– Hand out reusable bottles
– Engage with students on public and bottled water issues (short survey and a chance to win a meal card)
– and more!
In exchange for their help, volunteers will receive a gift pack full of eco-friendly products to use on campus (and free coffee!)
For info and to sign up to volunteer, CONTACT: Sarah Khan

Congratulations to the Innis College Student Society (ICSS)! They have passed a motion to end the sale and distribution of bottled water at their events, meetings, and club activities! In addition, they also resolved to bring this issue to college administration. The ICSS joins the Woodsworth College Student Association (WCSA) which passed a similar motion in 2010.

We encourage other colleges to take similar action in banning bottled water in their student association activities. PWI is happy to provide support and resources to make this transition.

Happy New Year from the Public Water Initiative and the Sustainability Commission!

The Water Working Group will have a drop-in General Member Meeting on Monday, January 17th between 1pm-4pm at Sussex Clubhouse (21 Sussex Ave) Room 415. Drop-in anytime and stay as long as you would like!

We will be discussing:
– our campaign and action plan
– upcoming events
– current and future projects
– volunteering opportunities

Feel free to drop by anytime between 1pm and 4pm!

Looking forward to seeing you!

This September 20-24 is the UofT Environment Week *. As part of this week dedicated to environmental events, the UTSU Sustainability Committee and the PWI bring you:

“Bottled Water vs. Human Rights”
Thursday, September 23

Hart House- Debates Room

Speakers at this event will facilitate a conversation about the public water infrastructure, privatization of water resources, its implications on social justice and the connection to water on our campus.

– find out more about the connections between bottled water and social justice
– connect with people passionate about water issues
– learn more about the campaign to promote public water on campus!

See you there!

* For full Environment Week Listings, check out

PWI had a great time at the Field to Fork Festival! The food festival featured local farmers; chefs from accross the campus, as well as campus environmental groups. PWI was conducting its now famous Water Taste Test. Check out these photos!

It was wonderful meeting everyone who came by our table during this year’s clubs fair. We had some great conversations, and look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events and meetings!

General Member Meeting
Thursday, September 30

Sussex Club House, Room 415
(21 Sussex Ave)

Come to find out more about PWI!

– learn about our past achievements and future goals
– learn about how to get involved with PWI and the public water campaign
– learn about our partners, supporters, collaborators
– tell us why you care about public water