It has been an exciting three years for PWI. We have had many great experiences speaking and reaching out to the U of T community about bottled vs tap water issues. We have learned a lot about people’s thoughts on the water debate (and we’re happy to say that U of T has told us overwhelmingly that they prefer the tap!) We have campaigned with many amazing student leaders. And we have engaged and pushed the U of T administration to end the sale and distribution of bottled water on campus.

And now, we’re very pleased to announce that the University of Toronto has made the decision to go bottled water free!!

For those of us at the St George campus, you’ll notice this change has already taken effect. For those at the Mississauga and Scarborough campuses, you’ll notice it happening over the next three years.

There is still work to be done — certain departments will take a bit longer before they’re able to be on board, and further improvements and additions to the public water infrastructure are still needed. But these changes are all on track as well, and PWI and other student leaders will continue to work to make sure this new policy is a success.

If you’d like to find out more, check out the “On Tap” campaign, which launches Thursday September 15th. And also check out the links below to see the great press coverage this news has been getting!!

Many thanks to everyone who has worked tirelessly on this campaign, especially the University of Toronto Students’ Union and the Graduate Students’ Union!–university-of-toronto-banning-bottled-water-sales-at-downtown-campus–utm-boots-water-bottles