March 10 marks Bottled Water Free Day across Canada and the world! To commemorate this day the University of Toronto Food Services is pulling bottled water OFF THE SHELVES on March 10th! Bottled water will not be sold in cafés, cafeterias, vending machines and other retailers on major campus locations on Bottled Water Free Day. Across the world, communities are joining together to say no to bottled water and reclaim public water!

Here is how you can help:

* Pledge to go bottled water free on March 10:

* Sign the petition for a bottled water free UofT:

* Volunteer to Spread the word:
To help make this event a success, Food Services (UeaT) is looking for volunteers to spread the word about switching to tap water, and surveying student opinion on March 10.

In one to three hour shifts, student volunteers will:
– Hand out reusable bottles
– Engage with students on public and bottled water issues (short survey and a chance to win a meal card)
– and more!
In exchange for their help, volunteers will receive a gift pack full of eco-friendly products to use on campus (and free coffee!)
For info and to sign up to volunteer, CONTACT: Sarah Khan