Last Thursday, PWI joined with Ryerson’s Green Action Group to support MPP Peter Tabuns’ new bill to restrict Ontario’s spending on bottled water.


press conference


Entitled the Bottled Water Spending Act, this bill would eliminate government purchases of bottled water in all Ontario government facilities where potable (drinkable) water is readily available.  If passed, it would make Ontario the first Canadian province to restrict bottled water, following the dozens of municipalities who have done so already (over 40 in Ontario alone!).

As part of our support for this bill, PWI, Green Action Group, and Polaris Institute launched the “Message in a Bottle” campaign, where we mailed each Ontario MPP a “message” inside an empty plastic water bottle, urging them to support the bill.  These are the bottles covering the table in the picture above.


You can watch the press conference on YouTube, where we explain the problems associated with bottled water, and the reasons why everyone should support this bill!

You can also read the CBC article: 


Please encourage your MPP to support the Bottled Water Spending Act! 



*Please take note of two common misconceptions about this bill:

-This is NOT a ban on the right to carry, consume, or even buy bottled water in provincial buildings.  It only restricts government spending.  Individuals are still entitled to purchase bottled water where available, or bring their own.

-In areas where water is unsuitable to drink (ie in buildings with lead contamination), bottled water would not necessarily be removed.



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